Mr.Miyamoto Copy cat Blues

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Mr.Miyamoto Copy cat Blues

Post by Prophet6000 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:29 am

You're ten years old. You have a show-and-tell project to do. You find something totally awesome to show the world... well, to your class. You're feeling pretty good about it, until, lo and behold! The bratty neighbor kids rip off your project! How would you feel? Devastated? Intimidated? You'd probably feel pretty close to how some people down at Nintendo are feeling right now.

Video game grand daddy Shigeru Miyamoto has recently expressed his disdain in the actions of Nintendo's competitors. He's discussed the issue of others copying Nintendo in a recent interview with EDGE magazine...

...He also strongly implies that motion control was thought up by Nintendo. He clearly isn't happy with his competitors at all. However, he isn't the only one...

Stated like a true ass kicker. Reggie Fils-Aime was quoted saying that what the competition is doing with their controllers is outright embarrassing. Well, is there any reason to be embarrassed by... this?


...And let's not forget Microsoft's new EyeToy "Project Natal".
Only time will tell.

Intimidated, discouraged, embarrassed... Just some of the feelings floating around in Ninty HQ. Clearly they're a company that's very in touch with their feelings. But, before this turns into Dr. Phil or Oprah (God forbid), what do y'alls think about it? Let's be civil and try to think of Microsoft and Sony's thought process before we all yell "OMGZ RIPAWF!!1".

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Re: Mr.Miyamoto Copy cat Blues

Post by snaredrums123 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:14 am

Hey Prophet, we started a new site since Shokio's never here anymore, and we need an admin.

If you want replies, post this over there.


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