Self-sufficiency rate of China's IC situation has not changed

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Self-sufficiency rate of China's IC situation has not changed

Post by dwqjh0427 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:48 pm

Although China's IC design starzmart industry in 2010 are developing very rapidly, including beads Haioubite, Beijing Jun wholesale electronics supplier positive, the national technology companies such as Cheng Xiao Fuxing successfully landed on the GEM, but the stazmart growth of these enterprises did not change the domestic self-sufficiency rate in real terms in less than 10% the status quo.

According to latest customs statistics, China's IC imports in 2010 amounted to 156.99 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.0% growth rate. Exports, the export value of China's IC 2010 $ 29,250,000,000, up android tablet pc 25.5% growth rate. Can be seen that the larger the difference between import and export of China's IC products, the majority of China's IC is still required to be imported, the development speed of China's IC market size and imports are basically consistent growth. The next few years the market will maintain steady development trend That had started in 2011 semiconductor market trends, the author high-level exchanges with many companies, both said it cheap ebook reader could not predict, but the consensus is: After a rapid growth after 2010, both the global market or the Chinese market, the market will go smoothly development stage. TSMC's Shanghai plant, a deputy general manager, said almost all of the foundries are beginning to calmly capacity in 2011.

For 2011 the driving force of China's IC market, Li Ke said that the future market growth in emerging applications will be the driving factor. xPad and other emerging electronic cheap netbook products market development has to a certain extent, promoted the development of the semiconductor market, with medical electronics, security electronics and information technology in all sectors continued in-depth, integrated circuits used in these industries share of the market share Will be growing.


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