Rant: what is up with these generation of gamers!?

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Rant: what is up with these generation of gamers!?

Post by GeelburT on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:52 am

I would like to say WTF is up with them? They are not pleased with ANYTHING at this years E3. Ok I'm gonna say it, this years E3 is better than last years, because All the conferences had actually had good stuff to show (even Microsoft) MS's conference was the weakest, but it wasn't as bad as last years,Sony actually was pretty impressive in their conference and I do feel like buying the Vita, and Nintendo was at most amazing as always. I do know they were some bummer moments like MS's showing of Sesame Street and Disneyland, Sony's NBA move, and Nintendo's lack of showing that much Wii games. But, it was better than I expected from them, even Ubisoft's conference was impressive. (Farcry 3!!!)

Alas, Nintendo still get's bashed by these generation of gamer's possibly more than Sony. (about almost nearly as bad as MS)
I have seened people saying stupid crap like "People thought Nintendo won because it's Nintendo" And here is this shitty video of a person I know about this.



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