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Bounty Hounds Online

Post by saltwater on Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:08 am

Official site:

Bounty Hounds Online is an action MMO that based on the 2006 PSP title Bounty Hounds. The MMO version will feature some characters and locations that were in the PSP title. Bounty Hounds Online extends the PSP version's gameplay and offers many new features that are indispensable for an MMO game.

Bounty Hounds Online is set in Clear Sky Planet, where four Private Military Companies (factions) with different policies and goals are fighting each other. You can choose one of the five classes that suit your play style. Some classes such as Agent are very traditional ones and they can be found in many other MMOs. But some are interesting, Chemical Brawler, for instance, it's basically a tank, but he's good at using their powers of frost and their field control skills. There is no gender lock in the game.

Not only your characters, but also your combat pets belong to certain classes. Called Combat & Tactical Units(CTU) in the game, these robotic pets are divided into three classes: Steelblade, Thunderbolt, and Ironback. Each class possesses distinct attributes, capabilities, and exclusive combat skills. What's more, CTUs' appearances are customizable.

Get a beta key to give it a go.


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