Wii Online (What I want to see Nintendo do to its crappy online)

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Wii Online (What I want to see Nintendo do to its crappy online)

Post by TREYARSENAL on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:42 pm

First off lets start with the friend code problem when will Nintendo realize that it is more of a hindrance to its users.
Now how could they solve this its simple remove the feature and add a much more user-Friendly Profile system.

Now that the big issue is out the way I think everyone who owns a wii should be rewarded with stat tracking,Awards
and a trophy like system.

Nintendo basically neglect to use the wii signature Mii's that I think players would love to interact with other people online
with their Mii's sort of a Lobby type experience.In this Lobby players should be able to do more than send messages,and chat
if it were like that it would make it seem irrelevant ,No you should be able to ask anyone to join a game with you.Just Imagine
being able to Jump into a online match with someone within seconds(The game disc would have to be in of course).

If these features were to be incorporated I think the online experience so much better ,but don't expect any changes until
Wii 2.0is release until then bear with the tech at hand.

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